2015-05-30 Use This Official Recognition Command List, here

Morse Code Morse Code & Alarm Morse Code & Alarm Servo Controller Temp & Motion Detection Power Outlet Controller Motion Alarm Description
Commands_for Ard_006 Ard_007 Ard_008 Ard_009 Ard_011 Ard_012 Ard_013  
Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet WiFi WiFi WiFi  
rlon Yes Yes Yes Yes       Turn Red LED ON
rloff Yes Yes Yes Yes       Turn Red LED OFF
ylon Yes Yes Yes Yes       Turn Yellow LED ON
yloff Yes Yes Yes Yes       Turn Yellow LED OFF
B1+ Yes Yes Yes Yes     b2+ Turn Tone ON (* See Note)
B1- Yes Yes Yes Yes     b2- Turn Tone OFF (* See Note)
+ 6+ 7+ 8+ 9+       Increase Tone Frequency
- 6- 7- 8- 9-       Decrease Tone Frequency
time 6time 7time 8time         Report the Time
stat stat6 stat7 stat8 stat9 stat11 stat12 stat13 Unit Status
Motion   Yes Yes     Yes Yes Motion Detected
cel         cel11     Celsious Mode
fah         fah11     Farenheit Mode
pon           p12on p13on Turn Power Outlet ON
poff           p12off p13off Turn Power Outlet OFF
tog             tog13 Toggle Power State
wifi             wifi13 Report Access Points Within Range
info             Yes Documention Link

(* Note: b2+ and b2- are not for Morse Code use, but the B1+ and B1- "ones" are.)